ASL Lockers are the supplier of choice for 100's schools, colleges and universities, we have built specific locker solutions that meet their exact needs. School Lockers are one of our primary business sectors and we have gained a great deal of knowledge of educational requirements over many years.

We work closely with education clients across the UK, school lockers are proven to help reduce clutter and fire hazards, improve the aesthetics of schools and provide much needed storage solution for their students.

Our School Lockers are a result of listening to our customers feedback and due to the increasing demand secure personal storage we can provide the perfect solution for your school.

We supply lockers from all leading manufacturers, the respected Probe & Link range are by far our best selling steel and laminate lockers and are our recommended brands for schools due to their superior build quality, both offer full height and low level lockers in a vast range of sizes ensuring students can store all their belongs safely.

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    Call us on 01268 661318 to discuss your exact requirements with a member of our team. If your have a large project we offer a FREE site survey and design service across the south east.


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    Buy Primary School Lockers onlineor contact us for bulk prices.

    Primary School Lockers

    Three quarter and half height lockers, take up the same amount of floor area as their full sized counterparts, but are ideal for placing under obstructions such as windows to fully utilise the available space, they’re particularly popular in primary and junior schools, as their reduced height is ideal for easy access for younger children.

    Made using market leading manufacturing processes, our three quarter and half height lockers offer all of the benefits of our other personal storage solutions. A choice of locking mechanisms are available, including magnetic catch locks, which are a sensible option in schools with young age groups. A choice of compartment size, number of doors and colours are also offered so we are able to provide a solution tailored to your precise requirements.

    Student Lockers

    Our full height student lockers are suitable for a range of applications, we supply the superior Probe & Link range which are our best selling steel lockers and our recommended brand for schools due to their superior build quality.

    Our standard and medium duty full height lockers are available in a vast range of sizes and colours. A selection of locking mechanisms increase the versatility of our full height senior student locker range, whilst accessories, including support frames, sloping tops and integrated bench seating are also available.

    All of our school locker range's features Activecoat® antimicrobial protection as standard, which is proven to reduce harmful bacteria on treated surfaces, by 99.9%, meaning our lockers can help make your school premises more hygienic.

    Student Lockers, School Lockers, Probe, Link

    Buy School Lockers onlineor contact us for special bulk prices.

    Laminate door locker, overlayed laminate door

    Buy Laminate Doors Lockers onlineor contact us for special bulk prices.

    Heavy Duty Laminate Lockers

    Our range of heavy duty laminate door lockers have become very popular with schools, combining a 10mm solid grade laminate door onto a steel carcase provides a highly secure, vandal resistant locker. Theses lockers are manufactured with the doors either inset or overlayed onto a strong welded front frame.

    As well as being a durable and robust option, they also come in a choice of designs, styles, colours and finishes, which give a more elegant feel than their metal counterparts. The 'overlaid' option offers wall of uninterrupted colour, which creates one of the most aesthetically pleasing locker solutions, available anywhere on the market.

    All Weather Plastic Lockers

    Plastic lockers are becoming an increasingly popular choice for schools due to there strong polyethylene construction. Not only does this provide a durable vandal resistant locker it also allows them to be used in wet or humid areas and many schools are installing these outdoors to free up vital space within the building.

    These plastic lockers are highly damage resistant, which protects the contents from theft and reduces the risk of vandalism. They are also fully washable, with drain holes for hygiene areas and are assembled with very strong hinges. Stacking and nesting these lockers is made easy, with specially marked fixing points, while retro fitted sloping tops can be added to deter the accumulation of litter.

    extreme plastic lockers, ultrabox plastic lockers, plastic lockers

    Buy Plastic Lockers onlineor contact us for special bulk prices.

    wood lockers, timber lockers

    Buy Premium Wood Lockers onlineor contact us for special bulk prices.

    Premium Wood Lockers

    Our decorative range of satin and timber door school lockers are a great alternative to other options, as they add a smart and unique finish to the security and strength of metal lockers. Attractive mfc doors and matching end panels, are fitted on top of the metal caracse, for an elegant personal storage solution suitable for both students and staff.

    To blend with your school's colour scheme these decorative lockers are available in a vast array of colours in both satin and timber effect finishes along with various accessories and lock options.

    Laptop & iPad Storage

    Laptops and iPads are being used more and more in many schools around the UK as technology plays an ever increasing role in education. However, storing them securely at the end of a working day presents a unique challenge – to which our laptop lockers are the perfect solution.

    Our range of laptop and iPad storage units are designed to provide secure storage or charging facilities for laptops, tablets and mobile phones. These products are CE tested and meets EU safety requirements.

    Solid Grade Laminate Door Locker, Inset Laminate Door

    Buy Laptop Lockers onlineor contact us for special bulk prices.

    Solid Grade Laminate Door Locker, Inset Laminate Door

    Buy Teachers Cupboards onlineor contact us for special bulk prices.

    Teachers Cupboards / Tray Storage

    This unique range of Elite tray storage / teachers cupboards offer a secure and flexible storage solution for large and small items. Supplied with original Gratnel polypropylene trays these cupboards are ideal for use in classrooms, stockrooms and staff rooms.

    Available in six tray configurations with or without an adjustable shelf. Steel reinforced doors with multi-point locking provides secure storage for any contents.

    Benching & Seating

    Freestanding changing room benching ensure's your school's changing areas have all the necessary facilities, to create a comfortable and functional changing room experience.

    Our benching systems are available in two styles; Both styles of bench seating, have legs which are fitted with adjustable feet. This accommodates any unevenness in the floor, and fixing plates can be supplied for permanent location, if required. Satin anodised aluminium hat and coat hooks, are fixed to hook boards at 150mm centres. Our changing room benches can also be fitted with an additional baskets underneight for practical shoe storage.

    cloakroom benching, changing room benching, hook boards

    Buy Benching & Seating onlineor contact us for special bulk prices.

    extreme plastic lockers, ultrabox plastic lockers, plastic lockers

    Contact us for expert advice on locker room design.

    Locker Room Design & Installation

    Draw on our expertise for your design requirements, with over 20 years experience behind us; we're ready to help you.

    We are not like other companies who charge for bespoke storage design work, our service is completely free of charge. We let you see the quality of the design we are capable of offering, before letting you decide the best route to creating your perfect storage system.

    Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to installations of any locker room, that's why at ASL, we have a safe and efficient installation service. When our installation service is completed, we hand it over fit for purpose. The installation service is based on our three main product areas - lockers, benching and shelving.

    Call now on 01268 661318 or email us for expert adviceand special bulk prices only available to schools.




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