Workplace Locker Range

Our Workplace locker range is our most extensive range, consisting of 8 lockers each offering a unique solution to problems that commonly occur in environments such as hospitals, emergency services, schools, factories and offices.

Each locker not only addresses issues standard lockers cannot fix, but can be tailored like all our ranges with regard to fixtures, fittings, locks and colors, making it the most versatile range that we provide.

See below the lockers that make up our workplace range and the unique features of each locker.

Call us on 020 8984 8499 to discuss your exact requirements with a member of our team.

Twin Lockers

Two Person Locker

Uniform Lockers

Clean & Dirty Lockers

Garment Dispenser

Garment Collector

Clear Door Lockers

Vision Panel Lockers

PPE Lockers

Tool Charging Lockers

Z Lockers

Laminate Door Lockers


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