Ronis Locker Keys (AJ001 – AJ700)

£2.95 ex vat

Ronis AJ Locker Keys. – Typically found on coin operated locks

Key Series AJ001- AJ700

Minimum Qty 2 keys

QuantityPrice Per Key
2 - 3£2.95
4 - 99£2.70

Enter individual key numbers and the amount required in the box below as per the example. Then enter the total quantity of keys and click add to basket.

If you require a large quantity of keys you may prefer to send them via email to,  please include your order number for reference.

SKU: RON/KEY/AJ Category:


Ronis AJ Locker Keys. – Typically found on coin operated locks

Key Series AJ001- AJ700

Once you have placed your order please send us an email with all the key codes you require to and please include your company name and order number.

Minimum Qty x2


Where do i find the locker key code?

Key codes can be found on either the existing key or on the front of lock barrel. Ronis locks are common on many makes of lockers and the code will start AJ


If you need any help with key numbers or require a larger quantity please call or email our customer service team who will be more then happy to help.


Key Codes:

AJ001 AJ051 AJ101 AJ151 AJ201 AJ251 AJ301 AJ351 AJ401 AJ451 AJ501 AJ551 AJ601 AJ651
AJ002 AJ052 AJ102 AJ152 AJ202 AJ252 AJ302 AJ352 AJ402 AJ452 AJ502 AJ552 AJ602 AJ652
AJ003 AJ053 AJ103 AJ153 AJ203 AJ253 AJ303 AJ353 AJ403 AJ453 AJ503 AJ553 AJ603 AJ653
AJ004 AJ054 AJ104 AJ154 AJ204 AJ254 AJ304 AJ354 AJ404 AJ454 AJ504 AJ554 AJ604 AJ654
AJ005 AJ055 AJ105 AJ155 AJ205 AJ255 AJ305 AJ355 AJ405 AJ455 AJ505 AJ555 AJ605 AJ655
AJ006 AJ056 AJ106 AJ156 AJ206 AJ256 AJ306 AJ356 AJ406 AJ456 AJ506 AJ556 AJ606 AJ656
AJ007 AJ057 AJ107 AJ157 AJ207 AJ257 AJ307 AJ357 AJ407 AJ457 AJ507 AJ557 AJ607 AJ657
AJ008 AJ058 AJ108 AJ158 AJ208 AJ258 AJ308 AJ358 AJ408 AJ458 AJ508 AJ558 AJ608 AJ658
AJ009 AJ059 AJ109 AJ159 AJ209 AJ259 AJ309 AJ359 AJ409 AJ459 AJ509 AJ559 AJ609 AJ659
AJ010 AJ060 AJ110 AJ160 AJ210 AJ260 AJ310 AJ360 AJ410 AJ460 AJ510 AJ560 AJ610 AJ660
AJ011 AJ061 AJ111 AJ161 AJ211 AJ261 AJ311 AJ361 AJ411 AJ461 AJ511 AJ561 AJ611 AJ661
AJ012 AJ062 AJ112 AJ162 AJ212 AJ262 AJ312 AJ362 AJ412 AJ462 AJ512 AJ562 AJ612 AJ662
AJ013 AJ063 AJ113 AJ163 AJ213 AJ263 AJ313 AJ363 AJ413 AJ463 AJ513 AJ563 AJ613 AJ663
AJ014 AJ064 AJ114 AJ164 AJ214 AJ264 AJ314 AJ364 AJ414 AJ464 AJ514 AJ564 AJ614 AJ664
AJ015 AJ065 AJ115 AJ165 AJ215 AJ265 AJ315 AJ365 AJ415 AJ465 AJ515 AJ565 AJ615 AJ665
AJ016 AJ066 AJ116 AJ166 AJ216 AJ266 AJ316 AJ366 AJ416 AJ466 AJ516 AJ566 AJ616 AJ666
AJ017 AJ067 AJ117 AJ167 AJ217 AJ267 AJ317 AJ367 AJ417 AJ467 AJ517 AJ567 AJ617 AJ667
AJ018 AJ068 AJ118 AJ168 AJ218 AJ268 AJ318 AJ368 AJ418 AJ468 AJ518 AJ568 AJ618 AJ668
AJ019 AJ069 AJ119 AJ169 AJ219 AJ269 AJ319 AJ369 AJ419 AJ469 AJ519 AJ569 AJ619 AJ669
AJ020 AJ070 AJ120 AJ170 AJ220 AJ270 AJ320 AJ370 AJ420 AJ470 AJ520 AJ570 AJ620 AJ670
AJ021 AJ071 AJ121 AJ171 AJ221 AJ271 AJ321 AJ371 AJ421 AJ471 AJ521 AJ571 AJ621 AJ671
AJ022 AJ072 AJ122 AJ172 AJ222 AJ272 AJ322 AJ372 AJ422 AJ472 AJ522 AJ572 AJ622 AJ672
AJ023 AJ073 AJ123 AJ173 AJ223 AJ273 AJ323 AJ373 AJ423 AJ473 AJ523 AJ573 AJ623 AJ673
AJ024 AJ074 AJ124 AJ174 AJ224 AJ274 AJ324 AJ374 AJ424 AJ474 AJ524 AJ574 AJ624 AJ674
AJ025 AJ075 AJ125 AJ175 AJ225 AJ275 AJ325 AJ375 AJ425 AJ475 AJ525 AJ575 AJ625 AJ675
AJ026 AJ076 AJ126 AJ176 AJ226 AJ276 AJ326 AJ376 AJ426 AJ476 AJ526 AJ576 AJ626 AJ676
AJ027 AJ077 AJ127 AJ177 AJ227 AJ277 AJ327 AJ377 AJ427 AJ477 AJ527 AJ577 AJ627 AJ677
AJ028 AJ078 AJ128 AJ178 AJ228 AJ278 AJ328 AJ378 AJ428 AJ478 AJ528 AJ578 AJ628 AJ678
AJ029 AJ079 AJ129 AJ179 AJ229 AJ279 AJ329 AJ379 AJ429 AJ479 AJ529 AJ579 AJ629 AJ679
AJ030 AJ080 AJ130 AJ180 AJ230 AJ280 AJ330 AJ380 AJ430 AJ480 AJ530 AJ580 AJ630 AJ680
AJ031 AJ081 AJ131 AJ181 AJ231 AJ281 AJ331 AJ381 AJ431 AJ481 AJ531 AJ581 AJ631 AJ681
AJ032 AJ082 AJ132 AJ182 AJ232 AJ282 AJ332 AJ382 AJ432 AJ482 AJ532 AJ582 AJ632 AJ682
AJ033 AJ083 AJ133 AJ183 AJ233 AJ283 AJ333 AJ383 AJ433 AJ483 AJ533 AJ583 AJ633 AJ683
AJ034 AJ084 AJ134 AJ184 AJ234 AJ284 AJ334 AJ384 AJ434 AJ484 AJ534 AJ584 AJ634 AJ684
AJ035 AJ085 AJ135 AJ185 AJ235 AJ285 AJ335 AJ385 AJ435 AJ485 AJ535 AJ585 AJ635 AJ685
AJ036 AJ086 AJ136 AJ186 AJ236 AJ286 AJ336 AJ386 AJ436 AJ486 AJ536 AJ586 AJ636 AJ686
AJ037 AJ087 AJ137 AJ187 AJ237 AJ287 AJ337 AJ387 AJ437 AJ487 AJ537 AJ587 AJ637 AJ687
AJ038 AJ088 AJ138 AJ188 AJ238 AJ288 AJ338 AJ388 AJ438 AJ488 AJ538 AJ588 AJ638 AJ688
AJ039 AJ089 AJ139 AJ189 AJ239 AJ289 AJ339 AJ389 AJ439 AJ489 AJ539 AJ589 AJ639 AJ689
AJ040 AJ090 AJ140 AJ190 AJ240 AJ290 AJ340 AJ390 AJ440 AJ490 AJ540 AJ590 AJ640 AJ690
AJ041 AJ091 AJ141 AJ191 AJ241 AJ291 AJ341 AJ391 AJ441 AJ491 AJ541 AJ591 AJ641 AJ691
AJ042 AJ092 AJ142 AJ192 AJ242 AJ292 AJ342 AJ392 AJ442 AJ492 AJ542 AJ592 AJ642 AJ692
AJ043 AJ093 AJ143 AJ193 AJ243 AJ293 AJ343 AJ393 AJ443 AJ493 AJ543 AJ593 AJ643 AJ693
AJ044 AJ094 AJ144 AJ194 AJ244 AJ294 AJ344 AJ394 AJ444 AJ494 AJ544 AJ594 AJ644 AJ694
AJ045 AJ095 AJ145 AJ195 AJ245 AJ295 AJ345 AJ395 AJ445 AJ495 AJ545 AJ595 AJ645 AJ695
AJ046 AJ096 AJ146 AJ196 AJ246 AJ296 AJ346 AJ396 AJ446 AJ496 AJ546 AJ596 AJ646 AJ696
AJ047 AJ097 AJ147 AJ197 AJ247 AJ297 AJ347 AJ397 AJ447 AJ497 AJ547 AJ597 AJ647 AJ697
AJ048 AJ098 AJ148 AJ198 AJ248 AJ298 AJ348 AJ398 AJ448 AJ498 AJ548 AJ598 AJ648 AJ698
AJ049 AJ099 AJ149 AJ199 AJ249 AJ299 AJ349 AJ399 AJ449 AJ499 AJ549 AJ599 AJ649 AJ699
AJ050 AJ100 AJ150 AJ200 AJ250 AJ300 AJ350 AJ400 AJ450 AJ500 AJ550 AJ600 AJ650 AJ700

Additional information

Weight 8 g

Delivery Info

Locker Keys: In-stock Key Blanks: 3-5 working days For larger orders or non-stock items delivery is 5-7 working days. Delivery Charge: Key only orders are £1.95 +vat to mainland UK. For Non-Mainland or European deliveries please contact us before ordering. Returns: We cut all keys to order as such any incorrectly ordered items can not be returned or refunded. Delivery or postage charges are also non-refundable. Please contact us first if you are unsure about compatibility.


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Ronis Locker Keys (AJ001 – AJ700)
£2.95 ex vat