Ronis CJ Key Blank – (CJ001 – CJ700)

£0.78 ex vat

Ronis SM Keys.

Key Series SM001 – SM400

QuantityPrice Per Key
2 - 3£2.95
4 - 99£2.70

Enter individual key numbers and the amount required in the box below as per the example. Then enter the total quantity of keys and click add to basket.

If you require a large quantity of keys you may prefer to send them via email to,  please include your order number for reference.

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Ronis CJ Key Blank

Key Series CJ001 – CJ700

Once you have placed your order please send us an email with all the key codes you require to and please include your company name and order number.

Minimum Qty 2 keys


Where do i find the locker key code?

Key codes can be found on either the existing key or on the front of lock barrel. Ronis locks are common on many makes of lockers and the code will start FM


If you need any help with key numbers or require a larger quantity please call or email our customer service team who will be more then happy to help.


Key Codes:

SM01, SM02, SM03, SM04, SM05, SM06, SM07, SM08, SM09, SM10, SM11, SM12, SM13, SM14, SM15, SM16, SM17, SM18, SM19, SM20, SM21, SM22, SM23, SM24, SM25, SM26, SM27, SM28, SM29, SM30, SM31, SM32, SM33, SM34, SM35, SM36, SM37, SM38, SM39, SM40, SM41, SM42, SM43, SM44, SM45, SM46, SM47, SM48, SM49, SM50, SM51, SM52, SM53, SM54, SM55, SM56, SM57, SM58, SM59, SM60, SM61, SM62, SM63, SM64, SM65, SM66, SM67, SM68, SM69, SM70, SM71, SM72, SM73, SM74, SM75, SM76, SM77, SM78, SM79, SM80, SM81, SM82, SM83, SM84, SM85, SM86, SM87, SM88, SM89, SM90, SM91, SM92, SM93, SM94, SM95, SM96, SM97, SM98, SM99, SM100, SM101, SM102, SM103, SM104, SM105, SM106, SM107, SM108, SM109, SM110, SM111, SM112, SM113, SM114, SM115, SM116, SM117, SM118, SM119, SM120, SM121, SM122, SM123, SM124, SM125, SM126, SM127, SM128, SM129, SM130, SM131, SM132, SM133, SM134, SM135, SM136, SM137, SM138, SM139, SM140, SM141, SM142, SM143, SM144, SM145, SM146, SM147, SM148, SM149, SM150, SM151, SM152, SM153, SM154, SM155, SM156, SM157, SM158, SM159, SM160, SM161, SM162, SM163, SM164, SM165, SM166, SM167, SM168, SM169, SM170, SM171, SM172, SM173, SM174, SM175, SM176, SM177, SM178, SM179, SM180, SM181, SM182, SM183, SM184, SM185, SM186, SM187, SM188, SM189, SM190, SM191, SM192, SM193, SM194, SM195, SM196, SM197, SM198, SM199, SM200, SM201, SM202, SM203, SM204, SM205, SM206, SM207, SM208, SM209, SM210, SM211, SM212, SM213, SM214, SM215, SM216, SM217, SM218, SM219, SM220, SM221, SM222, SM223, SM224, SM225, SM226, SM227, SM228, SM229, SM230, SM231, SM232, SM233, SM234, SM235, SM236, SM237, SM238, SM239, SM240, SM241, SM242, SM243, SM244, SM245, SM246, SM247, SM248, SM249, SM250, SM251, SM252, SM253, SM254, SM255, SM256, SM257, SM258, SM259, SM260, SM261, SM262, SM263, SM264, SM265, SM266, SM267, SM268, SM269, SM270, SM271, SM272, SM273, SM274, SM275, SM276, SM277, SM278, SM279, SM280, SM281, SM282, SM283, SM284, SM285, SM286, SM287, SM288, SM289, SM290, SM291, SM292, SM293, SM294, SM295, SM296, SM297, SM298, SM299, SM300, SM301, SM302, SM303, SM304, SM305, SM306, SM307, SM308, SM309, SM310, SM311, SM312, SM313, SM314, SM315, SM316, SM317, SM318, SM319, SM320, SM321, SM322, SM323, SM324, SM325, SM326, SM327, SM328, SM329, SM330, SM331, SM332, SM333, SM334, SM335, SM336, SM337, SM338, SM339, SM340, SM341, SM342, SM343, SM344, SM345, SM346, SM347, SM348, SM349, SM350, SM351, SM352, SM353, SM354, SM355, SM356, SM357, SM358, SM359, SM360, SM361, SM362, SM363, SM364, SM365, SM366, SM367, SM368, SM369, SM370, SM371, SM372, SM373, SM374, SM375, SM376, SM377, SM378, SM379, SM380, SM381, SM382, SM383, SM384, SM385, SM386, SM387, SM388, SM389, SM390, SM391, SM392, SM393, SM394, SM395, SM396, SM397, SM398, SM399, SM400


Additional information

Weight 8 g

Delivery Info

Locker Keys: In-stock Key Blanks: 3-5 working days For larger orders or non-stock items delivery is 5-7 working days. Delivery Charge: Key only orders are £1.95 +vat to mainland UK. For Non-Mainland or European deliveries please contact us before ordering. Returns: We cut all keys to order as such any incorrectly ordered items can not be returned or refunded. Delivery or postage charges are also non-refundable. Please contact us first if you are unsure about compatibility.


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Ronis CJ Series Key Blank
Ronis CJ Key Blank – (CJ001 – CJ700)
£0.78 ex vat